FreeCommander – Some tutorials


Thanks to granny



Many thanks to Marek for giving us this excellent program, to Dreamer for his patient advice when I started making these guides, and to all the folks on the forum who share their hard-earned knowledge. 

A lot of this information came from Marek, Dreamer, Bearded Kirklander, Ralfso, Clanman, Matera, Karol, and a whole bunch of others --- I'm sorry I didn't save forum-links and names of everyone who provides advice and guidance. 

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revised 30 April, 2010



1. Configuring Display Elements (download PDF file)

2.  Configuring Operating Elements  (download PDF file)

3. Configuring Colors  (download PDF file)

4. Filters & Selection  (download PDF file)

5. Multi Rename  (download PDF file)

6. Synchronize  (download PDF file)

7. Assorted Information  (download PDF file)







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